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Use a simple point and click interface to quickly build and modify fully textured voxel structures directly in the Unity Editor.

Youtube demo/tutorial

This is not intended to be an all in one package.

It won’t force you to change the way you structure your code.

It won’t take you hours to figure out.

It is quick to setup, learn, and use.

It requires no technical knowledge, just the ability to point and click.

It will increase the speed that you design levels.

Import Kitbash 3D models to Unity editor.

KitBash 3D is a modeling tool designed for Non-Artists, allowing you to quickly create high-quality 3D assets for your game.

Digital KitBashing: Save you time, save you money
Using the free library of model parts, quickly create unique, high-quality 3d assets.

Kitbash editor download

Using this scene in the unity editor, a prefab can be designed and created out of cubes then saved for use within another project. There are several useful techniques that have been included in this tool which allow for more detailed and stylised models to be created. Includes colour select tool and grid for scale and design.
New Feature - Save prefabs as combined meshes
Created in Unity 4.3
Platform: PC or MAC

Web Player:
YouTube Channel

C# script to generate gears procedurally,
with a custom inspector script to easily modify the gear in the inspector.

Create endless different gears.

Web Player Demo
YouTube video

+ as many parts as you want for complex and detailed gears
+ edit/move vertices in the scene view or in inspector
+ create gears with shafts, recesses or holes in one object

This is a garage commonly great for racing games. It contains 8 low-poly cars (3 different pain jobs per car), a demo scene, and a vehicle attributes UI.

Web player:

Krabl Mesh Processors is an add-on for the Unity game engine to perform mesh processing. It consists of a C# mesh processing library and an editor extension which provides a mesh import processing workflow inside the Unity editor.

Different kinds of mesh processors can be chained together right inside the Unity mesh inspector. These import programs are executed every time Unity imports a mesh (inside a model).

Unity and Unity Pro compatible v.3/4

Create transmissions within minutes in the Unity Editor, without any line of code.

Just place your objects and it will work.

- An align tool helps you to fit your gears and shafts together.
- Create and align gears at runtime.
- Example scripts included.
- Make gears of any module and with any teethcount.
- Gears can be used like other objects (create prefabs, copy, add material, ...).
- Drive gears by other scene objects, or by observing its angle.

3Visio Special Primitives is an editor extension for building mesh with basic radial shapes in a simple, fast, and intuitive way.

-Shapes may have from 3 to 40 sides
-Normal, star, or gear shapes
-Can be punctured with any of the previous shapes
-Radial slicing option
-Different materials for the top, bottom, outside, inside, and sliced faces
-Modify created primitive attribues during runtime

WebPlayer Example

SuperGrid - Unity grids with ease!

SuperGrid adds grid-overlay and snap-to-grid capability to your 2D view in Unity. After installing, you can select SuperGrid from the Window menu and start aligning objects easily in 2D view. You can select from many grid sizes and also specify a custom grid size.

UV Editor allows you to see UV & UV2 of any mesh and move them.
--- See Video ---

UV's are editable with mouse or keyboard.
Supports multimaterial (then submesh).
Possibility to restore initial UV (a big undo)

Vertex Multi-Selection
- Undo
- Redo
- Move
- Rotate
- Scale

And some litle tools:
- Copy UV --> UV2
- Copy UV2 --> UV
- Switch UV & UV2

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